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Our services are designed for institutional investors, wealth managers and sophisticated private investors.

Institutional Investors

Institutional Investors

Institutions participate in our equity and debt offerings. The former allow exposure to exciting growth companies, the latter to the attractive risk adjusted returns of our MTN programmes which increase portfolio yields. We have established relationships with third party agents, trustees and registrars and work closely with the nominees and custodians of institutional investors to settle transactions in accordance with best market practice, including CREST. Our MTNs are based on Loan Market Association (LMA) documentation, listed on Recognised Exchanges with details of each issue available on Bloomberg.

Wealth Managers

Wealth Managers

We work closely with wealth managers who trust us to provide them with investments that are diligenced thoroughly and constructed intelligently and are not widely available elsewhere. Wealth managers can instruct transaction settlement on their existing investment platforms or arrange for their clients to open accounts on the LGB Investments platform.

Sophisticated Private Investors

Sophisticated & HNW Investors

Through the LGB Investments online platform, our clients are able to invest in LGB's secured Medium Term Note (MTN) programmes either directly or via the LGB SME FundIn addition, they can gain access to bespoke EIS opportunities in both private and AIM-listed companies

How to invest

We offer direct investments in equity and debt transactions, advisory portfolios as well as fund solutions, depending on the investors’ profile and preference.

Direct investments

Our clients can invest in individual transactions through their online investment account. Our platform enables investors to open multiple accounts for family members, including corporate and SIPP accounts, and allows for a consolidated view of their total investments. Wealth managers and institutional investors can instruct transaction settlement on their existing investment platforms or through the LGB Investments platform.

Advisory Accounts

Through our platform, clients may wish to opt for portfolio services where LGB Investments will manage their portfolio in accordance with their individual circumstances, including their investment objectives, experience and risk tolerance. Clients may choose between an Advisory Dealing account, where LGB will provide advice on a transaction-by-transaction basis, or an Advisory Managed account, where LGB provides advice in the context of their overall portfolio and stated investment goals.


The LGB SME Fund, established in June 2016, is a roll-up fund managed by Heritage Fund Managers Limited in Guernsey, with LGB Investments acting as advisor. The fund has successfully generated steadily compounding returns for investors by investing in a diversified portfolio of secured Medium Term Notes. It is able to accommodate monthly subscriptions and redemptions through the active management of a laddered portfolio of issues. Authorised by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission, the fund is available in the UK on a restricted basis to Investment Professionals, High Net Worth and Sophisticated Investors with a medium to long term horizon. Please click here to see the latest fund fact sheet and risk factors.


Case study

BioQ Pharma Inc.

LGB Investments recognised the long-term investment opportunity represented by BioQuiddity’s proprietary technology and international expansion. LGB Investments recommended that its clients participate in the company’s fundraising, which helped BioQuiddity accelerate its growth, realise its potential upside and justify a significant exit valuation.

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AB Dynamics

Case study

AB Dynamics Plc

LGB Investments identified a strong opportunity for its clients to invest in the IPO of specialist engineering firm AB Dynamics. Those that participated took profits on LGB Investment’s advice following two market re-ratings and realised significant gains.

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News & Insights

16 January 2020

Sale of Chairman Mentors International

LGB Corporate Finance has advised the shareholders of Chairman Mentors International Limited ("CMi") on its sale to MW&L Capital Partners Limited ("MW&L").

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18 December 2019

SCISYS Group plc redeems medium term notes ahead of acquisition by CGI

All notes issued under the AIM quoted group’s medium term note (MTN) programme have now been redeemed at maturity ahead of the group’s acquisition by CGI.

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26 November 2019

FCA Introduces Restrictions on the Distribution of Mini-bonds

You may have seen the reports of the FCA’s restrictions on the marketing of so-called speculative mini-bonds to retail investors in the wake of the LCF scandal, in which bonds, mass-marketed to retail investors, were used to lend on to Read more

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