Since its establishment more than ten years ago, LGB has developed a clear investment focus and strategy.  Our clients' investment portfolios are based upon companies with substantial IP, strong customer value propositions, recurring revenue business models and international operations.  Example business sectors include medical technology, engineering, manufacturing and software.  


Our investment strategy involves allocations to fixed income debt instruments in addition to equities.  In the current low interest environment we recognise the importance of generating income and having a strong foundation for portfolio construction.  We also believe that debt instruments help to generate cash flows and enable clients to take advantage of new investment opportunities as and when they arise.


Our investment advantages include not being constrained by performance relative to indices and being able to take a long term investment perspective.  A key aspect of our success has been our investment research that identifies emerging mid-market companies with valuations of £25-75 million.  Our portfolio companies often benefit from a re-ratings when their merits come to be appreciated by larger institutional investors.


The investment objectives of our clients include:


•Capital gains.
•EIS income tax and CGT rollover reliefs.
•Business Property Relief and EIS exemption from Inheritance Tax.

LGB Investments arranges for its investment clients to participate in institutional placements by quoted companies and private placements by well-established private companies.  The offering of such investments is restricted to those who are able to self-certify as either  "Sophisticated Investors" or "High Net Worth Individuals".  Investors are required to renew their certification every year.  For further information on the requirements of these and to certify yourself please follow the link below.


2017 Sophisticated / HNW / Appropriateness Certification


Please contact Simone Westerhuis for more information about our investments services (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

"I am happy to have been a client of LGB since 2007 -  so much so, indeed, that when in 2012 I had the opportunity to become a shareholder, I was proud to have my subscription accepted (something not to be taken for granted with a small, tightly held, private company). For an investor keen to shelter assets from capital taxes, and perhaps also to enjoy a better return on cash than is available in the high Street or online, LGB’s assumption of the burden of due diligence on SMEs is a very satisfactory facet of its service. The friendly directors and staff are unfailingly helpful and efficient. I have no hesitation in commending the firm to anyone with limited time or experience looking for the benefit of the personal  – and focused – attention to be expected of a first rate boutique."

Anthony Rentoul, Investment Advisory Client



"I was fortunate in being introduced to LGB in early 2014, with bank interest rates being so low I was looking for investment help. LGB provided a mixture of reasonably high interest loans together with tax efficient investments in smaller firms with reasonable prospect of capital gain. Over time I have come to appreciate the care taken to select investment opportunities that are an advantageous mixture of risk and opportunity. I am well satisfied with the results and respect and enjoy working with the LGB team. I have recently been pleased to have the opportunity of becoming an investor in LGB."

Hugh Humphreys, Investment Advisory Client