10 May 2022

LGB Capital Markets increases Acamar Films MTN Programme to £40m

LGB Capital Markets has arranged an increase to the Medium Term Note (MTN) programme of Acamar Films Limited from £25 million to £40 million.

Acamar Films Limited (“Acamar”) is an award-winning creative studio based in London and is most prominently known as the producer of the hit pre-school animated series, ‘Bing’. With more than 100 episodes produced to date, Bing’s success has been demonstrated both domestically (with over 750 million BBC iPlayer streams to date) and internationally in markets such as Italy and Poland. As the owner of Bing’s underlying intellectual property rights, in addition to media distribution, Acamar has in recent years developed a commercial IP licensing programme that comprises consumer products, live events and experiences. Following recent market launch in the USA in partnership with WarnerMedia, Acamar strives for global growth, by also launching Bing in Latin America, the Middle East and Asia over the coming years.

The programme increase, from £25 million to £40 million, represents the third increase since LGB Capital Markets first established a £7.5 million programme for the company in November 2016. Through LGB, Acamar has built and maintained strong relationships with its noteholders over this period, who have been key in supporting Acamar’s fundraising strategy and growth plans.

Acamar has issued over £19 million of notes under its programme to date, with funding provided by a diversified network of private investors managed by LGB Investments. The increase will give Acamar the required runway to refinance maturing notes as they fall due, as well as capacity to raise incremental investment capital to support investment into content assets and global growth.

The success of the programme has highlighted the strength of Acamar’s investment proposition, the quality of its management team, and the continued growth in the strategic asset value of Bing as an entertainment IP asset.

“Acamar’s MTN Programme is enormously valuable to us, affording us important flexibility to meet our needs by issuing and refinancing notes on an ongoing basis. LGB’s team bring real professionalism and rigour to the ongoing management of our Programme and have helped us to build strong direct relationships with private investors. Our lives were made much easier by LGB’s diligent management of the Programme increase process – thanks to the whole team for your continued support.” -- Harry Penrose, Director, Corporate Finance

We look forward to continuing to work with the company and supporting management as it continues to grow.

Acamar’s programme increase now brings the total value of programmes arranged by LGB to £284 million. It is the second programme limit increase in 2022 and follows two programme limit increases in 2021. More information on our MTN programmes can be found here.

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