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19 April 2021

Exploring the options available to UK companies needing to refinance

Whilst government support has been helpful and likely kept many thousands of businesses afloat during the coronavirus crisis, it has burdened those businesses with debt that, even if it can be financed cheaply, will still have to be repaid. Read more
14 April 2021

Sema Lease - Limit Increase

LGB Capital Markets arranged a £35 million Medium Term Note (MTN) programme for Sema Lease UK Limited (Sema), the short-term vehicle leasing provider. Read more
6 April 2021

Private debt funds are attractive, but they aren’t a straight route to strong returns

With the pandemic rendering conventional equity-bond portfolios unfit to generate stable yields, investors are increasingly turning to private debt funds – vehicles that lend to busine Read more
26 March 2021

A Brief Dive Into Private Credit Investing

Private debt has been a principal beneficiary of measures to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more
11 March 2021

Achieving target returns from private debt funds isn't easy

Simone Westerhuis, Managing Director of LGB Investments, wrote a piece for Wealth Adviser on private debt. Read more
8 March 2021

How A-listers are driving the hugely speculative investment craze of Spacs

Ivan Sedgwick, LGB's Investments Director, commented in a piece in The Telegraph on Spacs: Read more
8 March 2021

International Women’s Day 2021

Bringing people with different backgrounds together helps us in our mission to identify compelling companies and support these during their growth through strategic engagement and transformational transactions. Read more
6 March 2021

Listing badly or desperately needed flotation aid?

Ivan Sedgwick contributed to an article on Proactive Investors concerning the incoming change in London's listing rules. Read more
3 March 2021

Investment groups caution over 'shortcuts' in listings review

Investment groups have urged the government to proceed with caution over tweaks to listing rules that the Chancellor hopes will attract a new wave of technology floats in a “Big Bang” for the City. Read more
1 March 2021

Dual-class shares: has the fight been lost?

Ivan Sedgwick, Investment Director at LGB & Co., contributed to an article in Euromoney on dual-class share structures.   Read more
17 February 2021

Scancell's Share Price Soars on Hopes for a "Universal Vaccine"

The share price of Scancell Holdings plc, (AIM:SCLP) rose sharply from 14p to a high of 28p on Monday 15th February before settling to close at 20p. The Read more