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20 January 2022

3 Things to boost your investment portfolio in 2022

Every year starts with resolutions. Read more
18 January 2022

Investment Review – January 2022

I was sitting in a presentation by one of the major UK wealth managers last week, to a group of charity trustees, and having listened to their rather gloomy outlook was expecting some sort of suggested changes to policy. Read more
17 January 2022

LGB Capital Markets reaches £250m note programme milestone

LGB Capital Markets has now arranged over £250 million of medium term note (MTN) programme capacity for its corporate clients. Read more
11 January 2022

The battery sector is hotting up

The decarbonisation agenda is throwing up opportunities in a number of areas. Fuel cells have been a success story for AIM, and there is no shortage of other ways of investing in the transformation of the energy sector. Read more
8 December 2021

2021 in Review: New Age Consumer

The world continues to rapidly evolve and consumers are being offered increasing levels of convenience. Read more
8 December 2021

2021 in Review: Decarbonisation

LGB's decarbonisation theme has become a more active space as the year has progressed, particularly leading up to COP26 in early November. Read more
8 December 2021

2021 in Review: Digital Transformation

The market for digital transformation is large, growing, and creating opportunities for smaller companies across many industries. Read more
8 December 2021

2021 in Review: The Future of Healthcare

2021 has seen a large number of life science companies come to the market, both in the US as well as the UK. Read more
16 November 2021

Autumn 2021 Budget Announcement - Investing in NHS Digitisation

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the Autumn budget a few weeks ago which included significa Read more
16 November 2021

Investment trusts rediscover their roots with a 21st century twist

Ivan Sedgwick comments on the FT's article on specialist investment trusts from this weekend: Read more
15 November 2021

Armchair Trader - Ivan Sedgwick on smaller companies and the AIM market

Ivan Sedgwick, LGB's Investment Director, featured on the Armchair Trader podcast this month to discuss the changing characteristics of the AIM market, including institutional participation, the cli Read more
4 November 2021

SRT Marine Systems plc - Programme Increase - November 2021

LGB Capital Markets has arranged an increase to the Medium Term Note (MTN) programme of SRT Marine Systems plc (“SRT”) from £10 million to £20 million. Read more