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18 May 2022

£2.5m Note issuance complete for Simply Asset Finance

We are pleased to announce the completion of a £2.5 million note issuance under the £39 million Simply Asset Finance (“Simply” or “the Company”) MTN programme.  Read more
13 May 2022

Spotlight on Surface Transforms plc (SCE)

LGB recently attended the Capital Markets Day for Surface Transforms plc (SCE), a company we have followed for over 10 years. Read more
13 May 2022

Investing in Difficult Times

These are difficult times for investors. The MSCI World Index has declined for four months and has given up its gains of the last year. NASDAQ is 30% below its December peak. Read more
10 May 2022

LGB Capital Markets increases Acamar Films MTN Programme to £40m

LGB Capital Markets has arranged an increase to the Medium Term Note (MTN) programme of Acamar Films Limited from £25 million to £40 million. Read more
28 April 2022

Interrad Medical Inc. adopts a strategic approach to US sales

Interrad has developed the SecurAcath Subcutaneous Catheter Securement System, which holds virtually any catheter securely in place without sutures or adhesives. Read more
25 April 2022

Q1 2022 Market Commentary

Three months ago we expressed concerns about inflation, about Russian intentions in Ukraine, and about continuing supply-side disruption. Read more
22 March 2022

Reflections on the Automotive Industry in 2022

The world has changed with the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, and this has also impacted the automotive industry.< Read more
4 March 2022

Simply Asset Finance – Programme Increase – February 2022

LGB Capital Markets has arranged an increase to the Medium Term Note (MTN) programme of Simply Asset Finance from £20 million to £39 million. Read more
22 February 2022

Spotlight on Yourgene Health plc – February 2022

We recently visited Yourgene Health plc (YGEN) at their headquarters in Manchester. Read more
21 February 2022

This is a positive environment for deal-making

Ivan Sedgwick, Investments Director at LGB & Co. Limited, looks at the M&A market in 2021 and expectations for 2022 in the latest issue of Business Leader magazine: Read more
17 February 2022

Clean Power Hydrogen IPO

LGB investors were recently invited to participate in the IPO for Clean Power Hydrogen plc (CPH2). Read more
24 January 2022

SRT Marine Systems plc – New Contract & MTN Issuance – January 2022

SRT Marine Systems plc (“SRT”) has announced the award of a new project worth £40m, leading to the issuance of £900k of notes under its recently enlarged £20m Medium Term Note (“MTN”) p Read more