MTN investing presents a unique opportunity to diversify portfolios while offering competitive fixed income yields and risk-adjusted returns.

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LGB & Co. Limited

What are Medium Term Note Programmes?

LGB’s Medium Term Note (MTN) programmes allow issuers to raise flexible, medium term debt financing from multiple private investors, with the freedom to issue notes with different maturities and interest rates to match a company’s funding requirements.

For investors, this offers attractive fixed income yields and risk-adjusted returns with the reassurance that LGB has undertaken due diligence and ongoing monitoring. Through the MTN programmes and with different timescales and pricing, investors grow a diversified portfolio.

How to participate

New issuance across an extensive range of existing and new issuers is regularly offered to our investors through the LGB Investments platform. 

We regularly onboard new investors. Once they have been through our KYC process, platform account holders will have access to investment opportunities, be able to hold MTNs and any other tradable securities on the platform, and monitor their portfolio regularly.

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Please note that these investments are only suitable for professional investors and sophisticated HNW private investors - read more here.


  • Attractive fixed income yields with interest paid gross
  • Origination, sourcing, credit assessment, due diligence and ongoing monitoring undertaken by LGB
  • Regular new issuance allows the creation of a diversified portfolio and the opportunity to gradually build a laddered portfolio of issues
  • Diversification away from the public bond markets
  • Robust security arrangements


  • No active secondary market
  • When investing in MTNs, your capital is at risk. It is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Interest payments are not guaranteed if the issuer defaults. It may be impossible to recover all or part of a loan by calling in the business assets held as security on that loan.

Key facts

6 - 10%

The typical range of interest rates offered, depending on the issuer and terms of the issue

6mths - 5 yrs

The programmes are either amortising or bullet notes, and range between 6 months and 5 years